Christine was born a mathlete, not an athlete. While she has always loved sports, they never came naturally. As a child she had issues breathing, knee issues and surgery on both of her ankles. Needless to say while she enjoyed PE as much as algebra, she was a lot better at algebra.

Despitec that, she joined every club/team from jump rope club to baseball. Never particularly talented, but not the worst athlete either; she remained active throughout high school until college.

It came as a real shock one day when she realized she was overweight. Dining hall food, alcohol consumption, multiple jobs and the stress of trying to graduate college early took their toll.

Overweight, depressed and convinced no diets worked, her relationship with food was toxic. Convinced she would always struggle, she stopped focusing on her weight altogether.

About 10 years ago, Christine picked up a barbell for the first time, and it was cathartic. Since then, she has competed in both physique and strongman competitions.

Despite her lack of “natural talent” she is a 2x World’s Strongest Woman competitor as well as a Nationally Qualified Physique competitor.

She prides herself on truly listening to her clients goals, needs and limitations and meeting them where they are. Her custom programs are logical, deliberate and specific to each clients needs.

She works with strongman/strongwoman competitors, bodybuilders, and anyone who sincerely wants to be a stronger, healthier, happier versions of themselves.

If you’re looking for a judgement free coach to help you navigate your fitness journey, send Christine a message to set up a free consult.

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