• Tracy Rabbitt  on the TrueForm

    Tracy Rabbitt on the TrueForm

    METfit member, personal trainer and WNBF Pro Tracy Rabbitt showing off her true running form and sporting NAF Athletics Wear…

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  • Youth Elite Conditioning Squats

    Youth Elite Conditioning Squats

    Thirteen 10-15 year old boys banging out some body squats as part of METfit's Youth Elite Conditioning class. The class…

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  • Philip Napolitano Deadlift PR

    Philip Napolitano Deadlift PR

    METfit member Philip Napolitano pulling a new deadlift PR of 405 lbs, with great technique. Great job Phil!!

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  • Natalia Bonnet Sled Push

    Natalia Bonnet Sled Push

    METfit member Natalia Bonnet pushing the sled with METfit coach Marco Roque at her side. Great job Natalia!!

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  • Mark Vainas Deadlift at WABDL

    Mark Vainas Deadlift at WABDL

    METfit member Mark Vainas representing METfit at this past weekend's WABDL (World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters) Northeast Regional Bench…

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  • Bob Popp Pause Squats

    Bob Popp Pause Squats

    METfit owner Bob Popp crushing some pause squats - running @metfit_trainingfacility one minute, covered in chalk and under the bar…

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  • Kim and Marco Squatting

    Kim and Marco Squatting

    METfit member Kim Marshall Manning and METfit trainer Marco Roque working on squat technique, nice job Kim!!

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  • Brittany Ault Squat

    Brittany Ault Squat

    METfit member Brittany Ault performing a perfect squat, with the METfit logo in the background looking awesome. Nice job Brit!!

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  • Jess Lima Block Deadlifts

    Jess Lima Block Deadlifts

    METfit member Jessica Lima doing 220lb block pulls with the wagon wheels, in beast mode form. Great job Jess!!

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