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METfit Acquires RKT Gym

ANNOUNCEMENT. Natick, MA – METfit, Inc. acquired Repetto Kinetic Training (RKT), a personal training studio located in Natick. This acquisition brings together two of the area's top fitness training centers, both with loyal members and a common commitment to helping them achieve their unique fitness goals. METfit, founded in 2017 by Dr. Robert Popp (aka…
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June 22nd thru August 26th METfit is offering a Youth Strength and Conditioning Camp for ages 13-18. Camp sessions will be Monday, Wednesday and Fridays for 90 minutes. 11am-12:30pm Cost: $15/session. No registration required and participation will be a drop-in basis. Focus of camp will be learning the basic principles of strength training and exercise…
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VELOCITY BASED TRAINING By Ronald Drago, M.Sc. Clinical Exercise Physiologist Resistance exercise training programs elicit improvements in strength by structuring and manipulating traditional training variables like, but not limited too, sets, reps, load, intensity, interval, and exercise selection. The specific structuring and application of these variables result in morphological adaptations including, but not limited too;…
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