Terri Deangelis started personal training in the mid 1980s. She also started competing in bodybuilding at this time, She achieved success, winning many awards, in bodybuilding early on and it continued to develop throughout her career. She began working at a health club in Boston and built up her clientele. After working as a trainer for different gyms, she decided to venture out on her own. Working independently was a bold move, since being a female personal trainer was virtually unheard of on the East Coast in the mid 1980s. However, she was highly passionate about it being her profession. Her expertise was weight training and competition prep. She attracted women and men who wanted to become fit.

Terri's skills developed as a coach from her own competition experience. During that time she learned to create comprehensive nutrition programs that helped her look her best and win many titles. She also learned how to design weight training and competition prep programs.

Terri’s Contact Information

(781) 405-7191