1-on-1 Training

1-on-1 training makes you accountable! How many times have you thought about or contemplated getting that early morning workout in but once that alarm goes off you said to yourself "I’ll try again tomorrow." Or you get out of work after a long day and convince yourself you are too tired or instead choose to go out to…
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Special Events

Special events are fun, motivational and challenging sessions where you learn and train with friends and other members. Our special events are led by a personal trainer, are typically one hour in duration, and are limited to 10 participants. Special events are available to members and non-members. JOIN NOW and become a member of an…
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Robert “Bob” Popp

Bob is Founder, Owner and President of METfit, and currently serves as its Chairman of the Board. He is a lifelong fitness enthusiast having successfully completed 6 marathons (including the Boston marathon in 2011), 10 triathlons, 6 Spartan races, 3 Pan Mass Challenges (PMCs) and 10 powerlifting meets. Bob is an experienced and successful small…
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