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VELOCITY BASED TRAINING By Ronald Drago, M.Sc. Clinical Exercise Physiologist Resistance exercise training programs elicit improvements in strength by structuring and manipulating traditional training variables like, but not limited too, sets, reps, load, intensity, interval, and exercise selection. The specific structuring and application of these variables result in morphological adaptations including, but not limited too;…
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REMINDER: The gym will reopen tomorrow morning Friday February 18th at 5am and will be back to normal hours. UPDATE: During the 3-day shutdown we hired cleaners to do a deep cleaning of the entire facility including cleaning and disinfecting every single piece of equipment in the gym. We also moved some equipment around and…
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COVID Update

ANNOUNCEMENT: We have recently been notified by a handful of members that they have tested positive for Covid. This includes members who attend the gym in the early morning, mid afternoon, and early evening. In an abundance of caution, we will be closing the gym for the next three days in order to do a…
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