METfit, through is partnership with UPE Health Promotion, prides itself in helping individuals achieve healthy, happy, and well balanced lives. We create workplaces that nourish employees with opportunities to improve their overall heath and wellbeing. Our team is passionate about providing wellness and fitness solutions that encourage and motivate employees to become healthier, less stressed and more productive. Healthy workplaces promote a balanced life for every employee. Worksite wellness programs not only boost morale, mental acuity on the job, retention, and productivity, but they also make significant, measurable differences in healthcare spending. Cross-industry studies have shown that employee wellness programs help companies reduce healthcare costs an average of $3.72 for each $1 invested.

About Us

UPE Health Promotion was founded in 2011 in Medway Massachusetts.

Our mission is to provide organizations with comprehensive health, fitness and wellness services.

Kim Manning, President and CEO, guides our team with over fifteen years of experience in the corporate wellness and health promotion industry. Prior to UPE, Kim was Vice President of Operations at Fitness Works at Works (FWAW) following other executive roles during her time there from 1998 - 2011. She provided operational and human resource support to FWAW on-site health promotion specialists and fitness leaders, as well as was responsible for the research and hire of new talent in group exercise, health professionals and presenters. Kim has a BA in Industrial Engineering from Northeastern University with a concentration on Ergonomics.

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in UPE Health Promotion!

UPE is an energetic, growing organization dedicated to creating healthier workplaces.

At UPE we are looking for highly motivated and dynamic individuals who possess a strong drive to succeed and a steadfast commitment to excellence in health, fitness and wellness. If you are interested in exploring career opportunities with UPE, we would like to hear from you. Send us your resume at: careers@upehp.com.

For more information about the company and the services we offer, contact us at:

UPE Health Promotion; 7 Legion Ave; Medway, MA 02053; Phone: 617-759-6660; Email: info@metfit.org

News and Events

UPE secures contract with defense contractor NSI, Inc: NSI is a dynamic company composed of a premier group of nationally-recognized social scientists and national security experts who specialize in providing innovative solutions to complex problems for the defense department and other federal government agencies. To learn more, click here...

UPE clients running the 2011 Boston Marathon: The 115th Boston Marathon on Monday, April 18, 2011 will showcase 26,923 official runners including 4,307 runners from outside the United States. An estimated 500,000 spectators will line the 26.2-mile course celebrating Patriots's Day and the unofficial start of spring in Boston. To learn more, click here...

UPE joins the Worksite Wellness Council of Massachusetts: The Worksite Wellness Council of Massachusetts is an organization of Massachusetts health promotion professionals and business leaders dedicated to promoting healthier lifestyles for all employees of Massachusetts through health promotion activities at the worksite. To learn more, click here...


UPE specializes in and offers its clients a variety of services in three broad category areas:

  • Ergonomic Programs
  • Health Promotion Services
  • Fitness Center Management

Clients can choose a la carte options across these three categories that offer employees a variety of programs that will improve their overall health and wellbeing.

The services can include a mixture of lunch and learn lectures, online programs, multi-session workshops, group fitness classes, webinars, incentive/reward programs, and wellness aware tables. We work with clients to develop a balanced health promotion program covering all aspects of "wellness wheel" - emotional, spiritual, cultural, physical, mental and social. We can collaborate with Human Resources, Employee Assistance Programs (EAP's), Health Insurance Providers and any other services to design and manage a comprehensive health promotion program.

Customer Testimonials

Dr. Robert Popp: President and CEO, NSI, Inc.: "The wellness services UPE has provided my firm in fitness, stress management and ergonomics have been extremely informative and well received by my staff. The 10K steps program in particular has turned out to be a hugely popular and successful program. Kim's knowledge and experience in corporate wellness and fitness is abundantly apparent, and truly outstanding. My staff and I have thoroughly enjoyed our working relationship with her. I highly recommend UPE to any organization interested in creating a healthy workplace focused on providing employees with opportunities to improve their overall heath and wellbeing."

Ted Mueller: Fitness Trainer, I.S.S.A: "I've been working with Kim Manning for years now as her trainer and have become good friends with Kim. Kim's enthusiasm and dedication to fitness and well being is embedded deep within her heart. One thing in life that I observe is when people follow their heart they ultimately succeed. Kim brings an array of knowledge and natural passion to the fitness industries, as head of UPE she is a tremendous value to the field of fitness and wellbeing."