Rogue Specialty Bars

The Rogue LB-1 Log Bar is a 10” diameter log bar with a precision, neutral-grip design optimized for maximum strength and minimum stress on the shoulders. The log portion is 52” long and constructed from 11-gauge steel with grip handles measuring 1.25” in diameter spaced two feet apart enabling better balance and comfort on the overhead log press. The log bar is more than 130 lbs unloaded, and when loaded with Olympic plates can exceed well over 1,000 pounds.

At METfit we have a LB-1 Rogue Log Bar and LB-2 Rogue Log Bar along with numerous complimentary accessory bars:

  • 1 LB-1 Rogue 10 in. Log Bar
  • 1 LB-2 Rogue 8 in. Log Bar
  • 10 Rogue Ohio Power Bar - Bare Steel
  • 3 Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar - Raw / Raw
  • 5 Bella 2.0 - 15KG Rogue Women's Bar
  • 1 SB-1 - Rogue Safety Squat Bar
  • 1 Rogue MG-3 Knurled Multi Grip Bar
  • 1 TB-2 Rogue Trap Bar

Source: Rogue LB-1 Log Bar

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