Rogue Monster Lite Rig 2.0

The Rogue Monster Lite Rig 2.0 is the top-of-the-line and highest quality rig system in the market today able to withstand incredible amounts of daily use. The Monster Lite Rig set up is well suited for large-scale training facilities such as METfit, and can create between 2 and 6 squat/bench stations and 6-14 pull-up stations which makes it perfectly suited for our various strength training and conditioning group classes. The rig includes many features, in particular, 3x3” 11-gauge steel uprights with 5/8” holes for sturdy construction and maximum adjustability, 3x3” beams across the top for increased stiffness, 2” hole spacing on the outside of the uprights allowing for more attachment options, pull-up bars for each section, and accessories including the plate storage posts, safety spotter arms, Matador, and Monster Lite J-cups.

At METfit we have 1 Rogue Monster Lite rig along with numerous complimentary accessory equipment:

  • 1 Rogue 24' Monster Lite Racked 2.0 Rig - Rogue Red
  • 3 RM-4 Monster Rack (100" Height) Rogue Red
  • 1 Flying Pullup Bar
  • 1 Monster Matador
  • 1 ML Matador
  • 4 Monster Lite Plate Storage Channel - Pair
  • 1 Monster Plate Storage Channel - 8 Pack
  • 1 Monster Plate Storage Channel - 4 Pack
  • 3 SAML-24 Monster Lite Spotter Arms

Source: Rogue Monster Lite Rig 2.0

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