SelectEDGE Leg Extension

The SelectEDGE Leg Extension machine has a 200-pound weight stack with “direct pull” design and a carefully angled seat bottom helps keep the user in place and increases the range of motion is great for quad training. The machine adjusts at both ends – both the grab handles and the leg rollers adjust for length with chrome-plated surfacing.

At METfit we have 1 SelectEDGE Leg Extension machine along with numerous complimentary accessory pieces of equipment:

  • 1 SelectEDGe Leg Extension
  • 1 SelectEDGE Hamstring Curl
  • 1 SelectEDGE Functional Trainer
  • 1 SelectEDGe Cable Crossover Plus
  • 1 Standing Leg Curl

Source: SelectEDGE Leg Extension

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