The month-to-month membership carries with it an obligation to pay your membership fee each month. Your billing cycle is the date for which you purchased your membership, so for example, if you purchased a membership on April 7th, your monthly fee is due on the 7th of each subsequent month. A month-to-month membership requires a debit or credit card to be used for payment, and such card needs to be on file as part of your account in our system. Should your debit or credit card decline for any reason when your membership fee is due, the following actions will occur: (i) your Vizpin access to the gym will be deactivated; (ii) your account will be charged an additional $10 fee on top of the membership fee; and (iii) if after one month if your fee has not been paid your membership will be canceled.

To cancel your month-to-month membership, you must send an email to info@metfit.org and provide your name and your request to cancel your membership. Your membership will be cancelled within 5 business days of receiving your email. There is a $25 charge for cancelling your membership.

To put your month-to-month membership on hold, you must send an email to info@metfit.org and provide your name and your request to put your membership on hold. You must also specify the date of which you want your membership hold to end, or the number of months to put your membership on hold. THE MAX TIME PERIOD FOR WHICH A MEMBERSHIP CAN BE PUT ON HOLD IS 3 MONTHS. Your membership will be put on hold within 24 hours of receiving your email. There is a $30 charge for putting your membership on hold. Members can only put their memberships on hold one time in a twelve month period.

The following groups receive a 20% discount if they purchase a month-to-month membership: veterans, active military members, police, fire, EMTs, doctors, and nurses. Effective November 1st, 2021, students (both high school and college) will no longer receive a 20% discount. Any student who has an active membership prior to November 1st, 2021, (even if the membership is on hold) will continue to receive the 20% discount. However, if a student cancels his/her membership and then wishes to purchase a new membership in the future the student will pay the non-discounted rate along with the enrollment fee…

As is clearly indicated in the Gym Rules signage located throughout the gym, you must put your equipment away after use. This includes weights, dumbells, bars, bands, clips, specialty attachments, etc. If you do not put your equipment away, at the first infraction you will be reminded of this rule by a staff person. For each infraction afterwards, METfit can charge your account $20 per infraction.

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