LeverEDGE High Row

The LeverEDGE Unilateral High Row machine is great for both middle of the back and outer portion of the lats. It features four different positions in two-inch increments for the seat and sternum pad, and 11 positions in one-inch increments for the thigh pads, complemented by two position chrome-plated foot pegs. The LeverEDGE High Row is ready to help users in a variety of statures and limb lengths get a back workout they might not have had before.

At METfit we have a LeverEDGE Unilateral High Row machine along with numerous complimentary accessory equipment:

  • LeverEDGE Unilateral High Row Machine
  • LeverEDGE Unilateral Trap Shrug/Lunge/Deadlift Machine
  • Rogue T Bar Row
  • Rogue Landmine
  • Rogue Slice Sled

Source: LeverEDGE Unilateral High Row

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