SelectEDGe Cable Crossover

The SelectEDGE Cable Crossover Plus is a fully adjustable cable crossover, has seated row and lat pulldown stations, multi-grip pull up bar for up to five people to train on one piece of equipment at the same time, and MAG handles for grips that make gloves and wrist straps unnecessary. The cable crossover has two 200-pound weight stacks, and the seated row and lat pulldown have 250-pound weight stacks.

At METfit we have 1 SelectEDGE Cable Crossover Plus machine along with numerous complimentary accessory pieces of equipment:

  • 1 SelectEDGe Cable Crossover Plus
  • 1 SelectEDGE Hamstring Curl
  • 1 SelectEDGE Functional Trainer
  • 1 SelectEDGe Leg Extension
  • 1 Standing Leg Curl

Source: SelectEDGe Cable Crossover Plus

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