TrueForm Runner – Enduro

The Rogue TrueForm Runner – Enduro is a simple non-motorized treadmill that is highly effective for developing proper running form. Unlike your standard electric motor-driven treadmill, the Rogue TrueForm Runner – Enduro is a manually operated treadmill that is entirely controlled by the runner. The treadmill requires no electrical power, no on/off switches and no array of programming buttons and settings. The treadmill is great for improving your running posture, balance, and cadence. As far as treadmills go, it is the nearest thing to genuine road running.

At METfit we have 2 Rogue TrueForm Runner – Enduro treadmills along with numerous complimentary cardio machines:


  • 2 TrueForm Runner - Enduro
  • 2 Black Concept 2 Model D PM5
  • 2 Schwinn Airdyne AD Pro

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