Super League at METfit

February 11th..... gonna be unreal!!!

So happy to be collagerating with the amazing IFBB Pro Robyn Mays (Instagram handle: @amaysing.1) to bring to New England with the Power Series! We are currently putting together a team. Please reach out to Robyn Mays (Instagram handle: @amaysing.1) if you are in the area and have interest in competing. Details below.

The event is Sunday February 11th and will be held at METfit at 245 West Central Street, Natick, MA 01760.

We'll provide a heat schedule for each gym or individual participating.

  • Venue: Your own gym. This is a virtual event
  • Total Athlete Cap: 60 athletes
  • Series: Power 2.0
  • Movement Sequence: Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift
  • Rep Max: 3 reps
  • Time Allowed per Movement: 12 minutes
  • Equipment Requirements: Olympic bench, squat rack, deadlift station
  • Scoring: Total output / Bodyweight
  • Weight Classes: Same as SL. No ceiling for women, no floor for men.
  • Weigh In: Approximately 24 hours prior to competition time

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