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METfit uses professional top-of-the-line Rogue weightlifting and Legend specialty equipment not seen in commercial gyms, including: thousands of pounds of Rogue bumper plates; dumbbells ranging from 5 to 125 lbs; 24' monster lite fully equipped rig and racks; Westside barbell benches; Z hyper; foam plyo box set; deadlift and Olympic platforms and blocks; yolks; farmers walk handles; push/pull sleds; sledge hammers; tires & wagon wheels; sandbags; battling & climbing ropes; kegs; various specialty bars for deadlifting, log lifts, woman’s training, football training, and more; chains and bands; pit shark belt squat & squat machine; functional trainer; jungle gym; unilateral equipment for legs, chest, back, shoulders & arms; self propelled treadmills; Schwinn Airdyne Pro bikes; concept 2 rowers; and 100'x12' turf to develop strength and speed.

Learn more about our membership plans and passes including pricing at: Memberships | Passes. Join now and become a member of an elite strength training and conditioning facility!


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