Ensure Safe Body Mechanics

Effective programing tailored to client goals while ensuring safe and proper body mechanics during exercise is a core tenant of METfit personal training philosophy. When clients engage in rigorous strength training and conditioning exercise dysfunctional movements and improper form can increase their risk of injury.

A primary focus of our training regiment is teaching clients how to move their bodies properly during exercise. One aspect of this is ensuring full range motion during exercise which is especially important when engaging in high load or high intensity exercises. Safely exercising when the body is under loads or at high levels of intensity is critical to avoiding pain and various musculoskeletal problems. Our coaches also teach clients how their bodies are wired, especially during movements, in an effort to help them understand how to avoid injury due to improper movements. Overexertion during exercise makes the body more prone to injury, so while intensity is important for an effective workout, our coaches reinforce the importance for clients to listen to their bodies and listen to any feedback it is giving them. And lastly there is recovery. Recovery is critically important to safe and effective exercise because the body needs it to properly recover between workouts. Many clients discount the vital role that recovery plays in a fitness regimen — at METfit it is reinforced. Consult METfit's personal training Schedule and book a session with one of our coaches to start enjoying the benefits of personal training.


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