Make Training Purposeful

Purposeful training is a core tenant of METfit personal training philosophy. Making workouts purposeful training sessions is one of the big secrets to making working out fun, enjoyable and meaningful. There is a rhyme and reason for the workout, namely, because the client has a goal to lose 20 pounds in 6 months, or is training for an obstacle event like a Spartan race, or is training for a fitness competition or powerlifting meet.

Purposeful training turns hate filled or mundane going-through-the-motions workouts into fun filled, enjoyable and very gratifying workouts. Its also a very good technique to minimizing the tendency of giving up and quitting exercise due to frustration from lack of progress or boredom. Our coaches instill a passion for not just the results but also the training itself, if there is no passion or enthusiasm for the work outs themselves then no matter what the client does the results will not materialize. Having goals are very important and are a must, but its the purpose behind the goals that oftentimes will keep the client going. Purposeful training is also key to making continuous progress towards goals whether it be increased fitness and skill or performance related. As the client sees regular progress it makes it easier to stay committed and engaged in exercise. Consult METfit's personal training Schedule and book a session with one of our coaches to start enjoying the benefits of personal training.


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