Tailor Programs to Client Needs

Tailoring programs to client needs is a core tenant of METfit personal training philosophy. The ultimate objective is for our coaches to create client-centric programs that are goal-oriented, span some period of time, include a variety of exercises, and build on itself from week to week so that progress being made by the client is clear in their quest to reach the desired goal.

Our coaches at METfit are systematic when developing client-centric programs; they create a sound plan centered around the client’s goals, infuse realism into what the client wants to accomplish, tailor the program around the client’s unique biomechanics and movement patterns, guide and motivate the client throughout the execution of the program, and adjust and course correct as needed. Our coaches also tailor programs to overcome certain obstacles a client may have such as an injury, a physical limitation or limited motor coordination. Our various strength training and conditioning programs expose our clients to both compound and isolation exercises in an effort to see what works and what does not for them. Isolation movements focus on one muscle group whereas compound movements use multiple joints and muscle groups. Some movements are more suited for one type of goal or client (e.g., muscle size, bodybuilding) whereas other movements are more suited for other type of goals or clients (e.g., advanced cardio, total-body training). Consult METfit's personal training Schedule and book a session with one of our coaches to start enjoying the benefits of personal training.


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