Special Events

Special events are fun, motivational and challenging sessions where you learn and train with a group of friends and other gym members. All special events are led by a coach and cover a variety of strength training and conditioning programs including strength training, metabolic conditioning, and more. See descriptions of our classes below, and Schedule for our current class schedule.

  • METfit Youth Fitness

    Our youth fitness classes are a safe and fun way for kids to become stronger, more conditioned and confident to perform better in every aspect of their lives. They help…

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  • METfit Boxing

    Our boxing classes improve conditioning and teach the fundamentals of boxing as a sport. Participants will learn proper foot work, how to execute different punches and defend those punches. The…

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  • METfit Metabolic Conditioning

    Our metabolic conditioning classes focus on high intensity circuit-type training using a variety of compound movements with little rest in between exercises to help burn maximum calories. These classes will…

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  • METfit Obstacle Training

    Our obstacle training classes focus on building strength and boosting performance gear towards outdoor competitions designed to test mental and physical fortitude such as Tough Mudders and Spartan races. Participants…

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  • METfit Strongman Training

    Our strongmen training classes build total body strength and improving performance through primal movements with odd loads that increase fitness and transfer true strength in real world situations. Participants will…

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  • METfit Strength Training

    Our strength training classes will help you get stronger, increase lean muscle mass, increase bone density, reduce body fat and burn calories. Strength training is important for everyone for overall…

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