METfit Youth Fitness

Our youth fitness classes are a safe and fun way for kids to become stronger, more conditioned and confident to perform better in every aspect of their lives. They help kids see positive effects in their growth and overall physical development as well as serve as an effective means to reduce injury and enhance performance. Strength training has many benefits for kids when done the right way. At METfit our youth fitness classes focus on teaching kids how to strength train correctly through proper technique across multiple exercise movements. This includes helping kids improve their coordination, motor development, speed, strength and agility through different movements such as running, jumping, throwing and resistance training. Kids who are stronger and more conditioned perform better in all aspects of their lives. Because of the multiple positive effects of proper strength training and conditioning, these kids are also less likely to engage in unhealthy activities. Our youth fitness classes are motivational classes that help kids build a life time of confidence in and outside the gym.

Group training classes are available to members and non-members. JOIN NOW and become a member of an elite gym! Then enroll in a class to get you started and enjoying in the benefits of group training. See SCHEDULE for the currently offered classes.

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