Gym Operations during MA State Coronavirus Ban

Dear Members and Passholders:

By now you have all seen or heard Gov. Charlie Bakers announcement banning gatherings of over 25 people for the next three weeks. Regrettably this affects the gym.

Typically, we have fewer than 25 people using the gym at any given time; said differently, roughly 80-90% of the time the gym has fewer than 25 people using it. However, the other 10-20% of the time, usually between the hours of 5pm — 8pm Mon — Fri and 10am — 2pm Sat and Sun, the gym has well over 25 people using it.

In order to keep the gym open, we must comply with this new ban. The new policy we shall enforce effective tomorrow Tues Mar 17th starting at 6am is if you come to the gym and there are 25 people using it you either leave and come back another time, or you wait until there are fewer than 25 people. If you choose to wait you cannot do so in the facility so you must wait outside or in your car.

We will have a sign-in sheet at the front desk where EVERYONE (ie, member, pass holder, trainer, trainer’s client) must sign in by entering your name and time of entry. In addition, when you leave the gym you must sign out by crossing your name off the list.

We urge all members working out during the busy times to limit your workouts to one hour in order to accommodate those who are patiently waiting to workout.

We realize this is not an ideal situation, but the alternative is we shut the gym down which we think for most people would be worse.

Again, this new policy goes into effect Tues March 17 starting at 6am.

If you have any questions please speak to the staff.

Thank you!

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