Gain Knowledge and Pass It On

Continuously learning, gaining knowledge and passing that knowledge onto others is a core tenant of METfit personal training philosophy. Our coaches have many years of hands-on practical experience as well as numerous prestigious certifications including the Poliquin International Certification Program, USA Weightlifting, USA Boxing, International Sports Sciences Association, American Sport Education Program, and Northland Regional Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine to name a few.

At METfit we are committed to put into practice the significant expertise of our coaches to help clients be successful in their strength training and conditioning programs. This includes many personal training tips gained over the years from formal instruction as well as practical experience. One example of this is breaking down complex exercises into their simpler building block movements — an example of this include breaking down an Olympic clean and jerk into a deadlift using a normal grip (both palms face you), front squat, and push press; or similarly, breaking down a full range bench press into a pin press and floor press. Another example is utilizing a mix of exercise movements that reinforce a client's good motor skills as well as stressing the not-so-good ones in an effort to make your client stronger. Creating programs that a client feels comfortable with by incorporating exercises that can be performed effectively creates confidence helping the client to more willingly embrace the less comfortable exercises. Consult METfit's personal training Schedule and book a session with one of our coaches to start enjoying the benefits of personal training.


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